1. mpainesyd

    Disabling "not optimized for your Mac" message

    I have posted elsewhere why I intend to keep using 32-bit apps. I have been tolerating the “this app is not optimized for your Mac” message that pops up regularly but I am looking for a way to disable it because I have some automations that halt when the message appears. I found these tips How...
  2. enacheionut1991

    Mail Notifications do not work (MacOS Mojave)

    Hello guys, I just bought a new macbook pro 13 a2159 model a few weeks ago, and since them I am trying to find a solution to my problem, but i fail to see anything helpful on the internet... So my problem is that i do not receive notifications pop-ups from the Mail app. I hear the notification...
  3. Lynne326

    Adware, Popunder Ads

    Hello, Does anyone know how to remove what I can only call "popunder ads", since I've never had any kind of adware, etc. on my Macbook pro, I don't know what they are. But I see videos running when I go to view all my open windows, some names are "Xumo' and "Bitlander", for example. I don't...
  4. migueljoao

    malware and pop-ups

    lately my macbook pro has been very slow even writing the letters take a break before adding them , when im in safari a lot of pop ups appears mackepper and things like that i want do remove it all and i don't know how ,, please help and sorry for my bad english
  5. A


    I have a blog that I want to sell a product. If person don't buy product from blog and they start to leave the blog. I want a pop-up to appear that will offer a second product to buy. If person don't buy product from first pop-up and get ready to leave blog, I want a second pop-up to appear...