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portable hard drives

  1. C

    MacBook Pro 16 inch - Personal / Work

    Hi everyone, I have a question - I've been working from home like everyone else here hopefully! My work has me split into office / home at times. Is it possible for me to make a bootable SSD (Using Samsung's T7 SSD drive) with macOS Catalina, apps, files and use that to boot into from my...
  2. J

    Superbasic: How do I watch my ripped DVDs on Apple TV

    I have a large collection of DVDs, and divide my time between two cities. I have an Apple TV in each apartment. I've started to rip my DVDs, but what's the best way for me to watch them? I know I can Airplay them to my ATVs, but do most people... add them to iTunes? Somehow transfer them to the...
  3. W

    New Hard Drive... now what?

    I was stopping in at Aldi, a German-owned semi-supermarket chain, and they have a center aisle where they offer spot specials on all kinds of non-grocery items. They were selling Toshiba Canvio Basics USB 3.0 portable hard drives (1.0 TB) for only $49. I grabbed the last one. My question: I'm...
  4. mangucha

    Recommended portable SSD drive to boot from

    Hello, could anybody recommend me which brand/model would be ideal to run latest mac os? I'm not looking for anything more than 500GB max... Thank you!