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  1. Z

    a remote interview

    How would a designer present his keynote portfolio, if he had to have an interview for work and due to the Covid issue, he could only had to present it remotely?
  2. Z

    multiple owners in Behance?

    Ive seen many projects in Behance that have the Multiple Owners tab beneath them... what exactly does that specify and when does a project should have the Multiple Owners tab?
  3. Z

    Hiding my Behance work

    Is it possible to change the public view of my portfolio in Behance? Suppose i wish to show my work only to a specific number of people, is it possible to grant access only to them?
  4. Z

    sharing online my porfolio

    Which would be the best way for a designer to share his portfolio online? I know about Behance, but have you tried some other better way? :)
  5. davidjearly

    Photography Portfolio Site

    I wanted to share my new photography website - Dearly Photography. I'm at the stage where I'm happy with the structure and will now be adding to the content and blog as I push it further. My aim here was to reflect my aesthetic photographic style on my site, with the focus remaining on the...