1. Aerogel91

    Mac Compiling Programs For macOS Unix from Linux

    First off, hello everyone. :) I'm too poor to own a Mac, but I'm still interested in porting cool Programs for all of you Macheads to enjoy (I mean that in a positive way). :) As my Profile states, I Program in many Languages, but I'm just starting on Swift. Is Swift the only way to...
  2. J

    iPhone X A1865 iPhone X switch from Verizon to AT&T - No LTE

    Hey all, A couple days back I switched from a Verizon personal account to an AT&T business account. The A1865 X was purchased from Apple through IUP with Verizon. Had the SIM mailed to me from AT&T, stuck it in the iPhone, restarted. Was immediately able to make and receive calls and receive...
  3. Z

    iPad How to make this iphone app work on ipad?

    I tried to port the "stocks" app to ipad2 from my iPhone4 but it still won't work even I copied all the framework files to ipad with correct permission. Below is my crash log