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powerbook 1400c

  1. yattaro

    New PowerBook 1400 owner looking for more info

    Hello, I am relatively new to PPC Macs and recently acquired my first one, a PowerBook 1400c/166. I'm not 100% sure of its working state just yet except that the hard drive works because I'm waiting on a charger to come in for it, but I'm looking for some more information on them since in my...
  2. blu-canary

    PowerBook 1400c has major issues processing music from game and more oddities

    I'm not sure if this post belongs here in the collectors section, audio section, or console games to be honest. I own a PowerBook 1400c with floppy and CD drives soley for the purpose of software transfer from my macbook to my old 512k Macintosh. Because of this, I've never really needed it to...
  3. amagichnich

    Powerbook 1400 battery rebuild

    Hey, I have a PB 1400c/166 that I want to use as a typewriter but as it was to be expected the battery is dead. No I know that it's not that hard to rebuild a Lithium battery. But what about the NiMH ones? There are no new ones available so building one is the only chance of having a 'portable...
  4. M

    Powerbook 1400C boot/reinstall problem

    I've obtained an old Powerbook 1400C, without CD module but with floppy drive module. Also included were the original install CD and what seem to be the original floppy disks containing MacOS 7 (7 floppies, is that correct?). When booting the machine I get the following message: "The system...