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  1. M

    Carrier iPhone X AT&T Pre-Order Thread

    Pre-ordering from AT&, this will be the thread to talk about your delivery dates and your pre-order dates. Tell us which color, how many Gigs, Time and date order was placed, and your estimate shipping date. Please & Thanks. I ordered the iPhone X, 256gigs, space grey, Ordered 10/27...
  2. afonsomduarte

    Carrier [PORTUGAL] iPhone 7 Pre-Orders over carriers

    Alguém português no site que tenha feito reserva por um dos sites das operadoras? Alguém já teve a sorte de ver mudar o estado da sua encomenda?
  3. J

    iPhone 7 pre order - Payment action required

    I pre ordered the iPhone 7 plus jet black however it says: 'Payment action required: We are unable to obtain an authorisation for your order. Please ensure your card provider is aware of your order, as we will continue to seek authorisation. Please update your payment method to continue with...