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  1. C

    M1 iMac Music Production

    Hello everyone! Im planning on buying the new 24" iMac with 16GB RAM and the 8 GPU cores, mainly its use is going to be music production. My 2016 Macbook Pro fan noise is horrible when recording or mixing, its never quiet and these computers seem to be super quiet when all the software is...
  2. producerspot

    Drums First Vs Melody First

    Hi guys. Do you start with the drums or the melodic line when starting a new project?
  3. J

    Mac Pro vs 2018 Mac mini

    Hello everyone! I need some help/advice on deciding between a Mac Pro and 2018 Mac mini. This machine will be solely used for music production (Ableton Live + Plugins) and basic word processing. I do run Ableton at 48k and sometimes higher sample rates which can be tasking on my current 2014...
  4. flyinmac

    iPhone 8(+) TSMC hit with virus affecting production

    Interesting story that seemed to be missed in MacRumors news. Unless I missed it. Apparently Apple chip producer / supplier TSMC was hit with a virus recently that affected production. Story says it “...
  5. danilko1

    Theory on iPhone X color choices and Nov 3rd Launch

    I am reviewing some of the leak videos. I notice that some of the iPhone X sample parts are white faced screens and also shown was blush gold, like the iPhone 8... I am now thinking, Apple canceled blush gold and the white face... This either increased production of the screen for one color...
  6. S

    What iMac for pro video editing?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? I'm a video editor (starting out) and beginner music producer. I work with Adobe CC programs. Im looking to buy a 2017 27 inch iMac. I have a budget of about 2700€ / 3000$. I'll be crying when I spend it because it took so long to earn that money but hopefully the...
  7. darcyf

    Videos made with FCP X, Motion and Logic Pro X

    So I've been a Final Cut Pro editor for about a decade, made the leap to FCP X a few years ago (and love it) but I'd never really dabbled in Motion or Logic until a couple of months ago when I decided it was time to expand my repertoire. I've since made two videos combining my abilities in FCP...