1. producerspot

    Drums First Vs Melody First

    Hi guys. Do you start with the drums or the melodic line when starting a new project?
  2. J

    Mac Pro vs 2018 Mac mini

    Hello everyone! I need some help/advice on deciding between a Mac Pro and 2018 Mac mini. This machine will be solely used for music production (Ableton Live + Plugins) and basic word processing. I do run Ableton at 48k and sometimes higher sample rates which can be tasking on my current 2014...
  3. flyinmac

    iPhone 8(+) TSMC hit with virus affecting production

    Interesting story that seemed to be missed in MacRumors news. Unless I missed it. Apparently Apple chip producer / supplier TSMC was hit with a virus recently that affected production. Story says it “...
  4. danilko1

    Theory on iPhone X color choices and Nov 3rd Launch

    I am reviewing some of the leak videos. I notice that some of the iPhone X sample parts are white faced screens and also shown was blush gold, like the iPhone 8... I am now thinking, Apple canceled blush gold and the white face... This either increased production of the screen for one color...
  5. S

    What iMac for pro video editing?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? I'm a video editor (starting out) and beginner music producer. I work with Adobe CC programs. Im looking to buy a 2017 27 inch iMac. I have a budget of about 2700€ / 3000$. I'll be crying when I spend it because it took so long to earn that money but hopefully the...
  6. darcyf

    Videos made with FCP X, Motion and Logic Pro X

    So I've been a Final Cut Pro editor for about a decade, made the leap to FCP X a few years ago (and love it) but I'd never really dabbled in Motion or Logic until a couple of months ago when I decided it was time to expand my repertoire. I've since made two videos combining my abilities in FCP...