1. N

    Any advice on replacement case/protector for 6S

    Hello, Am looking to replace the case for my 6S and am interested in getting: a Privacy Screen glass protector - public transportation usage a case that would allow the above screen protector Am not fond of Otterbox Defender kind of bulky cases but need something that would protect the phone...
  2. tofagerl

    XS case compatible with ScreenForce® TemperedCurve

    I got a Belkin ScreenForce® TemperedCurve installed on my XS, and it covers the screen very well, but I was told that not all cases will fit. Is there a list of compatible cases somewhere? I'm looking at the Spigen Slim Armor in particular. Will the Apple cases fit?
  3. Sovon Halder

    Macbook Pro Mirror - Screen Protector Moshi iVisor or Power Support ?

    Being in India, my 2017 MBP 13" w/ TB screen gets dirty fairly easily with dust and debris. I have to clean it every couple of weeks. Right after few weeks of buying it when I used without a screen guard, I made a few scratches in the process of cleaning the screen (w/ micro-fibre cloth). So I...
  4. Yabe_uke

    G5 LCS cloth/foam replacement help

    Okay, so I bought a G5Quad like 5 months ago, and it's been running fantastic, but the foam thingy under the LCS was rotten from all the years of use. I took it out to clean all the dust that had accumulated and it was breaking in my hands. So a few months go by, and I find a polyestirene mat...
  5. Amazing Iceman

    50% OFF Code: Rugged TPU Bumper for Apple Watch 2/3 42mm

    I found this deal: a bumper case for Apple Watch 2/3 with two hard screen protectors. It seems these screen protectors attached to the case, instead of those flimsy plastic protectors that you apply to the watch and eventually come off with use. I ordered one, it should arrive soon. I'm...
  6. G

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 Plus - Is it me or...

    Picked myself up an iPhone 8 Plus the other day and went shopping for a case on Saturday after deciding that I couldn't go naked with this phone. Popped into the local Apple Store to see what they had and went for one of the Otterbox Statement cases. While on the way out, I had a play with one...
  7. Ryan1524

    Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra - iPhone X (pics + install)

    Got one of these installed today. The fit is much better than the ones for 6/7/8 version. It covers the entire lit pixel area, and is extremely thin. I can't tell if clarity is affected, which is good enough for me. Someone else with a Gold iP8+ was getting his, so I recorded it. Process is...
  8. D

    Opinions on screen protectors

    Specifically Zagg screen protectors. I usually carry my phone completely naked, but I'm thinking of getting a thin glass screen protector. Anybody carry their phone without a case and just a screen protector. I just ordered an iPhone 7 Plus, so wish me luck!
  9. M

    Could I have damaged my brand new iPhone 7?

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black, bought it 10 days ago! The thing is that I always use screen protectors, and the last one was wrong placed, so I tried to remove it with my hands but I couldn't. Then I tried to remove it using a small sucking cup (the one that came with the new screen...
  10. L

    Some questions about iMac 27 Late 2012 A1419

    Hey everyone, I have an iMac 27 A1419 Late 2012 i5 2.9 GHZ Model computer. I hit my computer to wall and it broken my lcd corner(black area). Fortunately LCD is fine, only the top black area is broken. Whatever, I want to cover this black area with something. I tried to cover with car window...
  11. Dankgrl

    Home button stickers with tempered glass screen protector iPhone 5c

    Wondering if someone can help me with a specific question. When I bought my iPhone early 2015 they put on a glass screen protector that came with a jellylike raised home button sticker . It's been a year since I bought my 5C and the home button sticker fell off. I bought a replacement from...
  12. B

    iPhone protector advice?

    I've heard about iPhone protector which can be used to ''seal'' the iPhone to avoid scratches and moisture In fact I am not too worried about scratches but I am worried about moisture and water because I work mostly outdoor and here it often rains any advice iPhone protector or case something...