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  1. VHHess

    iPhone Using NordVPN (or other IKEv2 VPN)? Try this workaround

    I've encountered cases where using the iOS app does not let me connect to select services, protocols or apps (such as banking, software update check and downloading App Store updates hangs or takes repeated attempt to connect to the profile. I may delete the stock NordVPN app and use this method...
  2. H

    licence agreements log files

    hi there, is there a possiblity to see which licence agreements have been accepted on my macbook pro today. my girlfriend has agreed on a licence agreement request after clicking "try tonight" on an apple notification that there is an update. after having already seen fake licence agreement...
  3. B

    iOS delegates and protocols for passing data in swift

    Hi, I'm trying to get to grips with delegates in swift (specifically for passing data between view controllers). I feel I've almost grasped it , but need to have my own program to try to understand further and mess about with. With this mind i have reproduced a simple example from youtube, but...