1. exthree

    Socks proxy disables Safari and Mail

    For reasons not understood, the "Socks" proxy box is checked and that disables my Safari browser and Apple Mail. In fact I think the entire communications on wifi or ethernet is disables when checked. What is doing this and how to prevent in the future?
  2. M

    Custom Proxy by Browser?

    Is there any way to specify a custom http or socks5 proxy for a specific browser as I can with Windows? For example on Windows, I can do the following to specify a custom proxy for Opera or Chrome/Chromium "C:\Programs\Opera\launcher.exe" --proxy-server="proxy-service-host-name:proxy-port"...
  3. Princess Cake

    Removing or Hiding Proxy Icons?

    Call it a bit of OCD or perfectionism but I'd love to remove the little proxy icons at the top of title bars in OS X. I know what they're for but I've never once used them and would like to just see those little icons gone to make the visuals a bit cleaner. ...I've seen screenshots of...
  4. H

    Software RAID using JBOD enclosure?

    Hi all, I'm considering setting up a RAID0 system, using 3 / 4 disks, through a combination of a JBOD enclosure and software RAID, either MacOS's own software or SoftRAID. Would any of you have insights concerning the following? 1 Am I correct to I believe you can use any JBOD enclosure...
  5. M

    Browse in the past with proxy

    Hello everyone, I found a java node script at It redirects your internet traffic via proxy to past versions of websites using waybackmachine archive. You need Java node installed and one computer to act up like the proxy server I used a High Sierra...
  6. DennisBlah

    Best tunneling practice

    Hi all, I'm looking for a quick and easy solution for a OSX system. I want internal clients (i.e., to connect to a internal server (i.e. on a specific port (i.e. 8181) And have the server forward it to the internet (i.e. on a different port (i.e. 3333) How...
  7. F

    i need a way to unblock the school wifi i have tried everything

    i have a mac and the school wifi blocks all vpns and you cant change the proxy otherwise the wifi doesnt work. i was wondering if anyone knows a way to unblock the school wifi. i really need to know because i am a boarder at my school which means i have to put up with blocked wifi 24/7.
  8. C

    Setting up proxy server on Airport Express possible?

    I would like to set up a proxy server on an Airport Express that eliminates the use of a computer as Internet host. I like devices only connected to that Airport Express to connect via Proxy Server, which is why I do not want to configure my router to connect to Proxy server. If not possible...
  9. J

    TLS/SSL Proxy Option

    I am trying to enable TLS proxy on my network settings. I cannot find it in the advanced options. Its not on the list of proxies. How can I fix this?