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  1. Phineasgage1848

    PDF Expert Switching to Subscription Model - Forces Account Creation even if paid V2 Customer

    I previously purchased (and highly recommended) PDF Expert 2 for Mac. But with V3, they are moving to a subscription model. I made the mistake of clicking "Update Available" on PDF Expert 2 and it updated. I was unable to use the app or any of the features I previously paid for because it forces...
  2. blizzforte

    iPad Documents app by Readdle Privacy

    Hi, when you want to connect you PC with Documents, you have to enter a code. I want to know if the connection is private or if Readdle can see the files transfered or even the whole PC and all the files while connected and transfering files. How private is the app and the connection to a PC?
  3. Readdlemate

    New Documents – A step towards a better file system on iOS

    Readdle team is excited to announce an amazing update for our Documents app. Documents is a hub for all your files. Today, over 2 million people rely on Documents daily. What’s new in Documents 5.6? Look what we’ve got under the hood. New File System We’ve changed the way how to manage...