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  1. Mainyehc's “Recently Added” view completely borked by Apple in Sonoma

    I'll keep it short: apparently, Apple has deliberately turned “Recently Added” view, a heretofore useful feature for perusing your library in chronological order like you would, say, your library, into what is essentially a glorified “Recents” stack for albums, having capped its...
  2. PieTunes

    All Devices iOS 13 Music app, Recently Added still there?

    Greetings! For those with the iOS beta, is that dumb Recently Added section in the Library section of the Music app still there in its large prominent unchangeable glory? I’ve been hoping seemingly forever it could be removed or at least customized to something else. Am I going to be...
  3. G

    Major trouble with itunes after update to 10.10

    Hi All Really at the end of my wits After updating from Mavericks to Sierra my battery was nearly fried. So I wanted to revert back to the last back-up( none done while on Sierra) and some "BUG" on Timecapsule Timemachine put a second partition on the mac and I could not restore anymore. I went...