1. J

    iPad 9.7 rugged case but can use stylus

    Hello All, Wondering if you could help. I have had a few rugged cases, dust and water resistant/proof etc. But none of them let me use a standard stylus with them. I work outdoors, I have the older 9.7 ipad, so no pencil, but all the cases I use outdoors, the screen protectors don't let me...
  2. phillytim

    Breathable cases with great protection (8P or X)?

    Recommend me a case that best fits the bill for either the iPhone 8 Plus or the X (I'm not yet sure which one I'll choose)? So I've always had a really great Spigen case (the Slim Armor) with rock-solid protection of my phone, usually surrounded by TPU and then clasped on by a colored...
  3. rhett7660

    Going to Boston! Planning our next TRIP!

    Hello all, So for Christmas the wife surprised me with tickets to a Yankee vs. Boston game at Fenway Park! So we plan on doing a week there with at least a day or two in Salem. The game is on Friday night. So having said that. Anybody here who want to make some recommendation on where to...