1. J

    Looking for Wireless Earbuds - Convenience and Battery Life

    I’m looking for a pair of earbuds / headphones to be my daily drivers, so to speak. Yes, I have an iPhone. Also an Apple Watch Series 4 What I already have: AudioTechnica M50x’s, mostly for around the house. I’d mostly be using a new set while out-and-about and am happy to sacrifice a bit of...
  2. S

    Which Macbook Pro Should I Get?

    I am looking to buy a new Macbook for my Birthday in March and I was wondering what one should I get? I am planned to be developing games for Mac and iOS. The programs I'll be using will be things like Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Maya for viewing my graphic files my freelancers sent me, and running...
  3. D

    iPhone X Where can I buy a new (or refurbished) iPhone X in California?

    I'm heading to California in two weeks and I'm considering buying the X instead of the XS, as long as I can find somewhere reliable to buy it and it's cheaper. Do you have any recommendations?
  4. misanthrophy

    Stylish Keyboard & Mouse

    At the beginning I thought of just going with the black magic keyboard and mouse, because I love black, haha. They look pretty cool and are deeply integrated into the Mac System, for my Mac Pro. But now I found another keyboard I am in love with: Of course it is...
  5. ackmondual

    iPad Seeking recommendations for Chinese-English dictionary

    This is for an iPad Mini 1, running ios9.35 For now, setting a budget of up to $20 (USD) REQUIREMENTS: --no ads --works offline --can pronounce/say out loud both Chinese and English text --can translate both ways (Chinese to English, and vice versa) --can translate phrases
  6. rombarcz

    Philips Brillance 258B6QUEB opinion?

    Hello, I am considering buying Philips Brillance 258B6QUEB for my MBP 13" 2016 no touch bar. Does anyone have it right now or has it in past? If so would you recommend buying one? How good charging is? Like time from 20% to full? Everything working as expected from ports on it? ethernet? Any...
  7. F

    Similar to iMac monitor?

    I love how crisp and clean macintosh looks on that 5k imac display. Does anyone know of a similar monitor that I could use when plugging in my macbook pro into an external display?
  8. dntcry

    Recommendation for Photography

    Hello folks! I'm a newly started photographer who never have had any experience with macbook pro. I am looking to buy a laptop to tether shoot and retouch on. Can anyone guide me or give me their experience on how the macbook pro 15" 2015 or earlier model (with either specs) run lightroom...
  9. TheRealTVGuy

    Retina MacBook Review

    After a month of using Apple’s Retina MacBook, I’m finally able to offer a well thought out review. Full disclosure: I’ve been an Apple user and fan most of my life. From using Apple IIs in elementary school and using Power Mac G4s to edit video in high school, to editing professional audio...