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  1. W

    Mini-Displayport / External Monitor does not work under Windows 10

    Hello Everyone, Thanks to ReFind, I have finally managed to install Windows 10 on my Early 2011 MBP. Everything is working fine, except that my external monitor, connected via mini display port, is not recognised under Windows 10. The graphics driver is up to date. The external monitor works...
  2. robertcoogan

    Problems with chnages to firmware on boot

    I used to use rEFInd as a boot loader, but with the upgrade to Big Sur there have apparently been changes to the firmware that interferes with rEFInd's operation. So I am back to holding down the option key. Yay. <--(sarcasm) If I tried to boot normally, rEFInd should kick in and take me to...
  3. K

    MP 1,1-5,1 refind - Help!

    Hi! sorry for the bad english. I installed the refind bootloader but for some reason the windows doesn't start :( (sapphire nitro + vega 64) black screen only. i put the old r9 280x card back and it works flawlessly! What could be the problem?Could someone help me? Thanks
  4. mothchip

    iMac 4,1 can't update EFI or SMC firmware

    Hello! I hope this is the right place. I tried to post to the Netkas forums but it's not sending me an activation email for some reason. I have an iMac 4,1 I picked up from a garage sale that I'm trying to install Linux to, but can't. I believe the core issue is that I cannot update the boot...
  5. R

    Delete UBUNTU and retrieve MacOS completely on MacBook Air

    I'm completely new to using a Mac, and recently installed UBUNTU by following some YouTube videos and it worked fine. I added 50GB for the UBUNTU partition and 8GB for the SWAP partition. I now want to restore my 58 GB back to the MacOS partition and want to delete UBUNTU. Can someone please...
  6. M

    Cannot Boot Into a BIOS-Based External Flash Drive

    Topic closed
  7. Alinos94

    Dual-boot with a PC graphic card

    Hi everyone, First i want to apologize about my english. I'm french and better at speaking. Thank for the amazing ressources we can got in this place. Here is my story : I've got a Mac Pro 4.1 flashed in 5.1 with a PC GTX 980 by Gainward so no UI at startup. I've got Sierra with SIP enabled...
  8. safernandez666

    rEFInd Delete Entries

    Hello! I have a MacBook Pro Retina. Install rEFInd. My disk has a partition with Linux and another with OSX. Currently OSX recovery and vmlinuz of the Kali appear. How can I hide them? Try modifying the # dont_scan_ *, without luck! Thank you so much for the help, I can give! Here the...