1. Korie Cull

    MP 7,1 How many GPU's can fit inside the Mac Pro 7.1?

    Guys, I've been searching everywhere for answers about how many standard full-size GPU's can fit in the current Mac Pro. I was looking to buy 4 Radeon Pro WX9100 as seen in this picture below but I'm not sure if the Mac can fit 4 with the current PCI setup. If I can't get 4 Radeon Pro WX...
  2. G

    MP 7,1 Cuda rendering machine

    Hi all, the Mac Pro 7.1 works like a charm with 2 internal RTX2080Ti + one external GTX1080Ti on tb3 bus (Bootcamp Windows 10 Pro) I tested this configuration with various programs: Blender, Vray RT and Fstorm (3ds Max) Also I overclocked the 3 gpus with the MSI Afterburner utility and used...
  3. O

    Do I need an eGPU for my tasks?

    So everyone knows that the i5 in the Mac mini is strong enough for almost everything. We can put that behind us. Except for 3D rendering related tasks, one will need an eGPU. I'd say that now but I'm not sure. [1] Sooo......What do you call as 3D rendering? My workflow includes Photoshop...
  4. duddleyduddley

    Rerendering Links in Evernote

    QUESTION Is there a utility to FORCE EVERNOTE to rerender URLs? Background Sometimes the Evernote Clipper goes wonky and just saves a webpage URL (not a copy of the webpage). I'd love to comb my Evernote Library & render all those pages that are just URLs
  5. Prometheus777

    TROUBLESHOOTING: iMovie pink flickering issue after share (export), please help!

    Hello, I am trying to edit and export a video for work, and am experiencing this issue, would really like to get it resolved so that I can finish the project. The issue is that after I share (export) the video, it flickers pink and also flickerss a zoomed/distorted image of the video. It does...
  6. muse lujo

    Rendering on iMac

    hello everyone.. My friend has bought new imac 4k 21.5 inc retina 2017. He needs it for rendering video by Adobe After Effect, and he was try it up. but, he got a problem.. his imac not working as expected. It works slower than in rendering, it works like in windows before.. my friend told me...
  7. karmalp

    Ideal hard drive setup for best rendering performance on Premiere & AE

    Hey guys, I have set up my new work station to be ready for fast 4K video editing on Premiere and following online editing with After Effects. This is the set up: - 27" iMac Mid 2017 (512GB SSD, 3.8GHz, 40GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 8GB video memory) - Samsung T5 1TB SSD drive - G-RAID with...
  8. JulianBoolean

    2010 MP 6 Core, Need Faster CGI Renders | Where Is My Bottle Neck? Upgrade Options?

    Hi All, Situation : I’m a CGI Artist & Photo Retoucher, currently on a 2010 MP (see specs below). I’m utilizing modo for modeling and renders. No motion, strictly high resolution stills for print advertising… product shots, cars, etc. Most of my renders are 1-2 hours each, which is fairly...
  9. delwynnpawn

    Gradient banding when using discrete graphics in Sierra

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Just a quick question, does anyone by any chance have any idea why my screen looks like this? Like the rendering of the transparency/soft blur effect seems messed up, showing weird gradients of unmixed colouring or something. I don't exactly remember...
  10. Mr. Retrofire

    Threads with more than 999 pages

    Threads with more than 999 pages have the following problem: Page numbers > 999 appear smaller than lower page numbers.