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  1. T

    Thinking about downgrading to original Big Sur OS because new update is causing problems....

    I have had some random problems with Big Sur since 11.3 (ex. photo screensaver doesn't work anymore, much slower & the 'beach ball' is showing up all the time, etc.) I assume anything that I have added to my Mac since then will be gone? I have a Time Machine backup but wasn't sure if I could...
  2. purdnost

    Batch Revert Photos

    Is there a way to batch revert all the photos in my Photos library to their original states? I’m guessing it’s a no for mobile devices, but what about Photos on Mac?
  3. chinchillas

    Revert from Big Sur to Catalina via Time Machine possible?

    Before I upgraded to Big Sur I backed up Catalina System settings in Time Machine. Is it possible to revert to Catalina OS or will I make everything worse? I have not made any backups in that drive since installing Big Sur. Just really want to get rid of this shi*ty OS.
  4. R

    Safari 12.1 is crashing constantly. Possible to downgrade to prior version?

    I have a 2013 Retina 13 running High Sierra. Yesterday I upgraded to Safari 12.1. The description sounded like a minor update, so I just went ahead and did it. It has ruined Safari. Safari is now crashing constantly without any warning, multiple times per hour. I'm very lucky if I can get 15...
  5. H

    Having to Duplicate Actions in Notes to Make It Update/Save

    Since upgrading to High Sierra, whenever I update a note in Notes, it will always delete my entry and revert back to what it was before my update. Only after I enter data a SECOND TIME does it "stick." Anybody else seen this bug?
  6. frozencarbonite

    Is there a way to downgrade to iOS 10?

    Not looking for debate about whether iOS 11 is great or not. I would just like to revert to iOS 10, if possible. Is there a way to downgrade to iOS 10 from the official iOS 11 release? If so, how can it be done?