sabrent rocket

  1. daviassumpcao

    Screen error during start OS Mojave after upgrade SSD Sabrent Rocket Nano mid-2017 MBP A1708

    hi ... I have a MBP A1708 2017 non-touchbar (13") and I recently updated to SSD Sabrient Rocket Nano but when starting OS Mojave, I can only start if I press the Command key, otherwise it stays on the screen with the question mark ( .I already looked for...
  2. A

    [OWC Envoy Express TB3 Enclosure] Sabrent 2TB Rocket issues. Help?

    Hi, hope this is the right way to do this (saw similar posts but related to double sided vs single sided stick on another enclosure). I have received the OWC Envoy Express (pre-oredered when it appeared around here on macrumors) and a Sabrent 2TB Rocket NVMe stick. Summary of the issue: -...
  3. T

    How do you install Bootcamp on second NVME drive on a Mac Pro 2019?

    Hi, I just installed a 1TB Sabrent drive in my Mac Pro 2019, but Bootcamp does not allow me to select that drive.
  4. M

    MP 6,1 Macpro 2013 6,1 Internal SSD Upgrade 2020

    Hey Guys I really need help to choose a new SSD nvme hard drive for my 6,1 Macpro. I saw on Amazon the EVO 970 1To at 189€ but also Sabrent Rocket 2TB for 299€. Is Sabrent as good as Evo 970 ? What SSD do you recommend for 6,1 Macpro ? and what Heatsink model should I buy ? thanks a lot !!