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safari 10.1.2

  1. droliff

    saving a cookie when clearing history in Safari

    Hello all, I am helping a fellow with his Amazon Seller account which requires two step verification. He is not very computer savvy so want to make it as easy for him to log in as possible. My question: Is there a way to save the amazon two step verify login cookie when he clears his browsing...
  2. Racineur

    Safari 11 Sierra: problem with

    Hello to you all. There is a problem with Safari 11.0 and SafariTechnologyPreview Release 46 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. at this address: The list of flyers show up but when you click on one to see the flyer itself, you're showed with a blank "container" where should be...
  3. A

    Safari 10.1.2 for Yosemite installer

    I just reinstall the Yosemite on my Macbook Pro. Apple already deleted Safari 10.1.2 for Yosemite installer. Do anybody still keep the installer file? Thanks.