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  1. Baudlink

    Help With SAS SSD to MBP 15" 2015

    Hey all, I have taken on the challenge to connect a Seagate Nytro 2.5" SAS Enterprise SSD to my MacBook Pro 15" 2015. I know that 99% of you will tell me to sell it and forget about even trying. I specifically knew of the perils to making this successful, so please save me that advice. Based on...
  2. Tratkazir_the_1st

    SAS card for G5Quad

    Hi everyone :). May be it's old news here for all of you.. But I've just got SAS (Serial Attached SCSI :D ) controller, which natively detected & shown in System Profiler in my PowerMac. It's LSI SAS3041E-R. All I've done with it - just unpacked, mounted in slot & powered up mac. When it all...
  3. alanmadzar

    MP All Models NVMe vs. SAS/SATA In Your Workflow

    Hello there, Has anyone come across a situation in developing applications (ex. 3D editing/rendering, photoshop, high-res audio) where you needed an NVMe interface as part of your storage workflow, as opposed to SAS/SATA? I know NVMe is pricier, but has anyone come across a situation where the...
  4. LapplandsCohan

    SAS hard drive noisy only on cMP

    I bought 2 Seagate ST8000NM0075 to have in my Mac Pro 5,1. They are hooked up to a Areca 1882i through the MaxUpgrades MaxConnect BackPlane Attachment (pin 3 on the sled desoldered to solve the startup problem.) One drive is manufactured dec 2017 and is fast and quiet. The other drive is...
  5. H

    Mac Pro 3,1 Apple RAID Card to 5,1?

    Migrating a 3,1 to a 5,1. The 3,1 has an Apple RAID Card managing two SAS drives. Want to know if I can bring it over to the 5,1 -- which has two 4GB drives in two different bays. How do I configure it?
  6. M

    Adding 8x SSDs to a Mac Pro 5,1

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a cheap Mac Pro 5,1 from ebay soon and wanted to add some fast storage to it. I was looking into the Newertech MAXPower RAID Mini SAS 6G2e card to give me 2 external SAS connectors to plug in up to 8 drives. This was all great in my head until I realised I'd neglected...
  7. enka95

    Logic Board SATA ports deads

    Hi, I'm new to this forum because i get back from trash a very damaged Mac Pro 4,1 (2009). But because it's solid stuff, it's stille working. The case is damaged, but verything is working... except the 4 internal SATA ports (SATA in optical bay is working, also power for each 4 internal SATA...