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sata iii

  1. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 DEBROGLIE Dual SATA III mac pro 5.1 have a question

    there is a question about this board, if I connect 2 ssd there, or for example ssd and hdd, is it necessary to combine them in a raid? will two disks work correctly in parallel, without combining them into a raid will two disks be displayed in the system and will the system boot from one...
  2. Z

    Can a samsung 860 evo work with a mid 2010 MBP?

    Hi guys, I found my old laptop from 2010 and i want to upgrade the HDD. From all my trawling through forums I am more than likely going to buy a Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SATA III only because i know it will be compatible with the MBP. The 860 EVOs that are available at the moment are the same...
  3. M

    MBP mid 2012 and SSD -> which SATA slot

    Hi! I'm about to replace the optical drive and install a SSD instead. Should I move the HDD to the optical bay and put the SSD to the main bay? Both are SATA3 so this is not a matter. But I read that the drive on which OSX is installed should always be in the main bay in order to make sure that...
  4. J

    Best SSD/ RAM for Mid 2010 Macbook Pro

    Hey guys I am looking to upgrade my macbook in order to avoid buying a new computer this year. I found a thread that basically answered my questions about SSD and RAM upgrades but i want to know if these are still the best options since it is an old machine, or if there is something new to...
  5. M

    Best SATA III card for Mac Pro 5,1

    Flashed machine running El Capitan. Anyone have an idea as to the best SATA III PCIe port multiplier card/brand for Mac Pro '09? I want to boot from eSATA. Internal connectors would be a plus, as would RAID. Looking for something in the $150 and under range.
  6. Fuzzball27

    Sata III SSD in 15" late 2011 MBP OptiBay

    Please read my entire post before answering, thanks! I would like to install a Sata III SSD in my OptiBay and I need to know if it is possible. If I understand correcly, the history of SATA and the 2011 MBP is as follows: 1. Early 2011 MBP comes out with SATA III hardware on the Main Bay and...