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  1. jfly123

    MB Pro 4,1 and external monitor help!

    I have an old 2008 Macbook Pro (model 4,1) that I had connected to a Samsung 34" ultrawide monitor, filling the entire screen, connected via DVI out to HDMI into the display. Worked great! No configuration needed. I am now trying to connect my new Acer Predator X34 ultrawide monitor the same...
  2. T

    Officially giving up on the Mac Mini 2018 + 4K monitor dream

    I'm getting the i5 Mac Mini and will probably stay at 8 gigs of RAM for a while. I buying this computer as a desktop replacement for media consumption and word processing for the next 6-8 years. I was dreaming of getting something like the LG 27UK850 4K monitor and scale it at 1440p so that...
  3. M

    Scaling the UI while using an external monitor

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a new USB C Monitor to use along my 2016 MacbookPro. The Monitor is a Lenovo ThinkVision P27h which runs a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Everything is working fine besides an issue with the UI scaling. The Macbook chooses to run the Monitor with a resolution of...
  4. A

    How to scale MacOS to any size you like

    Just in case people don't know how to do this... I was trying to find a way to enlarge MacOS on my external 1440p monitor, as all the UI text was a little too small to read comfortably. But do so in a way that didn't result in the blurring that happens when you reduce the monitor resolution. I...
  5. M

    Mouse stutter on macbook pro with external 4k display

    Hi I noticed that when moving mouse quiet often it get's stuck for a split second. I'm using latest macOS (but the same problem was before upgrade from 10.13.4), I have macbook pro with radeon 555 (mid 2017) I saw that behavior only with when I'm using 4k external display with scaling (I scale...
  6. macduke

    iPhone X Display Scales Larger

    I was reading through the human interface guidelines for the iPhone X and was interested to find out that it has the same UI point width of the iPhone 7, despite having a wider display. Looking at display resolution and PPI, I was able to determine that the iPhone X has a physical display width...
  7. JRK-77

    Scaling issues with DP->HDMI 2.0 - Mini mid-2011

    I am using an old mini mid-2011 sporting Sierra 10.12.5 for app development, and have a newer 4K monitor I'd like to take advantage of. I purchased this adapter to enable up to 4K 30hz. This is my first experience with a Mac at these resolutions, and dislike their display preferences. My only...
  8. M

    HiDPI scaling on Dell U2515H - MacOS Sierra

    Hello everyone, I use a macbook pro (early 2013) in clamshell mode connected to a Dell U2515H (via displayport). This is a 1440p monitor. As discussed in threads before, it's very hard (/impossible?) to get 720p HiDPI working on MacOS Sierra. Does anyone know if there is a new fix or method to...
  9. Strawberry Watch

    iPad Pro How is the scaling on the 10.5" Pro?

    I recall people claiming that the 10.5 would probably have poor scaling due to apps having scaling made for the standard iPad size which is 9.7". How does the new 10.5" handle?
  10. zachlegomaniac

    2k Native or 4k Monitor Scaled

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I am better of running a 2k 27" monitor in it's native resolution or a 4k scaled? Right now I am looking at the Dell UltraSharp U2717D 27-inch InfinityEdge Monitor LED-Lit Monitor. I've heard people comment that you're better off running quad hd (exactly half of 5k...
  11. T

    Making text bigger: Retina 4k w/ 'Larger text' vs. 1080p w/ lower res

    I'm buying a 21.5-inch iMac and was wondering if the more expensive Retina option is worth it if I'm going to use the 'Larger text' scaling option to get bigger text (I have poor eyesight). In other words, if I cannot use Retina's native res, does it make sense to get one over the cheaper 1080p...