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screen problem

  1. W

    iPad Air iPad Air 2020 screen issues

    (sorry for the bad English) Is normal for a iPad Air 2020 to have a shadow along the left side of the screen ? (in this picture is up because is in landscape mode)
  2. I

    Help! MBP screen flickering

    Hi! Just got a MacBook pro mid 2012 (A1278) and the screen is not working properlly. As you may see in the picture, there is a small spot where I can see the screen, but otherwise it is flickering in some parts, others stay white or gray. Is there a quick fix to this? What could have coused it...
  3. W

    Apple Watch 4 Cellurar 44mm screen defect problem

    My Apple Watch 4 cellular 44mm brandly new (2days) have a screen defect visible in low light. The screen have visible line from top to down left side... :/ :/ Sorry Apple something going wrong in quality control production process...
  4. kevinfbg

    Macbook Pro 15´screen problem after upgrade

    Before everything, I did this video to explain my problem, after you can read the rest of the post. --- I have one year and a half with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), lovely performance, no problem at all until this weekend. Before Note: I´m from Costa Rica, I bought my MacBook...
  5. TechNismo

    iPhone X Battery Drainage/Screen Won't Turn Off

    Last night before I went to sleep my iPhone X had around 98% charge. I set an alarm on it, and cleared every app from running in the background and turned of low power mode. Today morning when I went to turn the Alarm off, I had realized I was at 66%. How did my battery drain so quickly (I slept...