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screen saver

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    Cannot unblock when user is Active Directory

    When logged in with a Windows Active Directory user, configured as local administrator, I cannot unlock the computer after it is locked manually or if using a password protected screen saver. Lock screen does not show any possibility of entering a password or changing user (as shown). Only way...
  2. L

    History of macOS / OS X standard wallpapers

    Which is your favorite? Leopard / Snow leopard
  3. J

    Mojave dynamic screen saver?

    Anyone know how to use it as a screen saver? I can't find it in the System Preferences.
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    Help with Screen Saver

    Is there any way I can haver the old DVD screen saver for my Mac? You know, the one that used to be on the old DVD players that had the color changing cube that bounced around the screen, and every once in a while, it would hit the corner. Is there any way I can download that for my Mac? Please...
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    Let's talk favourite AppleTv nat geo screen saver

    just wanting the juice goose on fav Apple TV National geographic default screen saver. Being Commodore of this here convo vessel, I would like to remain non bias. However green water in desert is clearly the best.