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  1. D

    rough scrolling in macOS

    I had this problem in chrome as well, why is this happening? I have a steelseries rival 3 mouse, I use this app to make scrolling smooth, I tried other apps but it didn't help, they all work the same( Do I really have to buy a magic mouse?
  2. petekjohnson

    Safari navigation scrolling buggy

    This started around the 3rd developer beta and i've submitted Feedback 3 times but it hasn't been fixed. Safari is REALLY difficult to use right now. You're scrolling down a site and see a link you want to click on. Well, Safari registers your click on some other element on the page...
  3. T'hain Esh Kelch

    Scrolling horizontally with shift + mouse wheel

    On my 2011 iMac with High Sierra at home, I can scroll horizontally in most apps with shift + mouse wheel, which is INCREDIBLY useful. I can't do that on my macOS Monterey Mac at work. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be activated? I haven't been able to find it, despite searching...
  4. E

    iPad Pro Universal Control + Logi Options+ = Broken Scrolling?

    Hopefully, this is the right place to post this. I've recently updated my 2018 iPad pro to 15.7 and the logi options+ software to 1.22. I can no longer scroll on my iPad when using universal control. If I disable or delete the latest logi options+ software, I can scroll again, but then I lose...
  5. K

    Disable Magic Mouse scrolling in a specific app

    Hi! I love using the Magic mouse scrolling for large lists of folders and files in Finder, and for scrolling in web sites, but I really HATE the way scrolling ruins my work with Adobe Illustrator, specially when working with several docs that share the same size and I change from one to another...
  6. taranbeer

    Micro Stutters and as well as lags when scrolling Safari, Chrome?

    I have a been using my M1 Macbook Air (8GPU) for past 6 months now and even with all the updates these scrolling stutters and lags haven't seem to be gone at all. Safari is bearable but Chrome is worse, the only browser i find with least problem is Firefox. Even the apps like AppStore and Apple...
  7. greentint

    MacBook Air M1 16GB Trackpad Scrolling Stutter

    Hey everyone! I recently got a MacBook Air M1 16 gig and really love using it, but there is an issue that pops up randomly. Specifically, when I am scrolling through the browser, Safari Technology Preview, there is an occasional stutter when I let go of the trackpad, I am assuming this is called...
  8. circatee

    iMessage conversations, scrolling

    With iOS 15, has anyone noticed that when you receive a reply from someone via iMessage, and open the message, you have to scroll up, to see the message/response? Almost as if the view is saved from the last time you were in that message/conversation. That was not the case on iOS 14+, it would...
  9. N

    Strange iPhone XS display issue

    Hi everyone, please excuse my bad english, but I have noticed a strange issue with my „new“ but used XS: Is only when scrolling, when exactly this shade of gray is shifted over black background. Say the transition between gray and black. I only noticed it in this...
  10. Ravi_MR

    Youtube website Scrolling issue

    Hi, Note: Creating a separate thread because the 2 other threads make a general comment on Safari scrolling whereas I'm facing it only on YouTube website. I have a 2019 iMac 21.5 inch and after updating to Big Sur, I am unable to scroll down freely on the YouTube site(by gesturing down in the...
  11. M

    iPad iPad Pro 2020 12.9 dark mode scrolling is choppy/stutters

    Does anyone notice that when they do the dark mode setting that when scrolling things look a little off. Not sure if I’m just super sensitive to noticing this or if my ipad is defective. When dark mode is enabled in settings and u scroll on dark backgrounds things look a little jittery/choppy...
  12. M

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2020 12.9 jittery scrolling

    Got a new 2020 12.9 iPad Pro. Anyone notice some slight jittery scrolling or stutters? Specifically in the Etsy app, when scrolling it kind of gives me a headache. I’m used to a one plus 7 pro phone and the scrolling is buttery smooth. I’m wondering if the slight jitters I’m noticing is normal...
  13. L

    iMac 5k 2017 electrical noise when scrolling

    Hello, I have read several messages about this, but I found no clear answer. My iMac 2017 5K high end configuration with pure ssd, since day 1 has an electric noise every time something is moving on the screen. This is only audible when my room is silent and i place my ear near the iMac. It...
  14. ardo111

    Touch Pad Privilege?

    MacOS Calendar. A scroll wheel from a USB mouse works on everything except the Calendar app. You can use two fingers on the rMBP touch pad, but not a scroll wheel on a mouse. Why? MacOS Mojave notifications. You can grab a notification and slide it off the right side of the screen with a...
  15. Loksan3

    MBP 2018 scrolling lag /boot time /cinebench

    I have a few days old MacBook Pro 2018 i7 2.6ghz ,512gb. I've noticed a scrolling lag in Safari and especially in chrome since the day I've got it ,but after reinstalling Mac OS after failed boot camp installation and installing Windows successfully the issue seems a little bit worse and the...
  16. C

    Numbers for Mac: Any Possibility for TOC

    I am using Numbers 4.3 on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 on my MacBook Pro with Touchbar. I have a Numbers spreadsheet which has 9 sheets with around 10 tables per sheet. These Tables have around 500 entries each. Because of huge size of tables I have to do lot of scrolling for entering data in a...
  17. Anasshm

    Laggy Scrolling Problems on Chrome on Youtube

    hi I Just switched from Windows to mac Os this week , i have a Macbook air 2015 i5 with 8gb of ram i got surprised today with how Laggy and terrible scrolling on chrome was especially on Youtube , even though it works buttery smooth on both Safari and Firefox here is a video comparison Safari...
  18. CupertinoSlave

    Scrolling in Sierra terrible on iMac

    Does anyone have a fix for the low frame rate scrolling in Sierra? It seems like only iMacs are affected.
  19. J

    Fragmented/glitchy scrolling on non-Apple browsers on Macbook Pro

    This is an issue that I have experienced across a considerable number of mid 2015 Macbook Pros (15” with 2.5ghtz processor). I have had several hardware issues with these machines since my initial purchase over a month ago, and in the time since I have had several replacement units that all have...
  20. PaTech21

    OS X El Capitan Itunes High CPU Usage

    I have the latest updates of El Capitan and Itunes on a 2015 rMBP. Recently I have noticed smooth scrolling issues inside itunes, some in chrome and some in firefox.... but mostly Itunes when using the touch pad only. I can see the cpu usage going well above 100 percent when scrolling through...