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  1. Risco

    iPhone 13 Photos taken with iPhone 13 (non pro) only!

    I have added a couple of pics below. Would love to see other non pro owners photos!
  2. To_Batistone

    iPhone 8 Plus front facing camera doesn’t focus

    I just recently bought an iPhone 8 Plus and I’m dealing with this annoying issue, where the front facing camera does not focus on close objects. It doesn’t even focus on anything, it just changes exposure. I came from an iPhone 5c and I used to take close up pictures but on the 8 Plus it just...
  3. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) 4K 60FPS is Equivalent to How Many MegaPixels on iPhone?

    Hello, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot but they cancelled on me last minute and now I have some lighting equipment and my iPhone 7+ instead of their pro camera gear. Nevertheless I need to take a couple of portrait type photos of myself and figured my iPhone 7+ is more than capable...
  4. janeauburn

    Holy sheet: No selfie in portrait mode with iPhone 7 Plus

    Major bummer.
  5. Twinfie

    Introducing Twinfie

    Hello folks, I would like to introduce Twinfie, it's an iOS app which let's you take synchronized selfies with friends no matter the physical distance. Guaranteed to bring a smile on your face everytime. You can see an intro video here: Download on App store here...
  6. M

    Universal [FREE] Selfie Stream - Real Time Photo Filters, Shape overlays effects

    Get the only Selfie camera and picture editor you will ever need. Choose between Single or Continuous photo capture and get ready for some awesome pics! Selfie Stream gives you the control you need to get that perfect pose. Features: ▶ Designers Artwork Shapes! ◆NEW◆ ▶ Real Time Filters! ◆NEW◆...