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  1. Bmxlee

    Can't boot SFOTT drive

    I have a Mac Pro 2.1 2x 3ghz quad-core intel Xeon processor, 32GB 667mhz ddr2 FB-DIMM ram. Running 10.7.5 (lion) I've created a SFOTT drive on various different USB sticks and internal drives with different versions of Yosemite. Originally it would boot to a black screen with the apple logo...
  2. Ameow

    Installing Yosemite on Macbook 3,1

    Hi guys, Probably not posting in the right section but I'm now at my wits end. I've got 10.7.2 on this mac currently and I can't get my browsers to work correctly which is really annoying as I can't get online to study my degree. Regardless, I'm trying to upgrade my Mac to 10.10 so that I can...
  3. E

    Hackintoshin' a Mac?

    Hello all… I reckon we keep drifting in, don't we? We "legacy" Mac users, that is… This is a tired old subject by now, but I reckon I may need someone to hold my hand -so to speak- throughout the whole, "this guy's and that guy's hacks," to make my wonderful MP 1,1 Lion roar like a Mountain Lion...
  4. F

    Can't install from 10.9 to 10.11 on unsupported mac

    Hi guys, don't know if I should ask here for this, but here is my Issue. I have a late 2007 macbook (3,1) and I want to upgrade the OS. The latest version it officially supports is Lion. I was able to install Mountain Lion with MLpostFactor (everything worked, had to go back to lion because of a...
  5. Jamesconnery

    Mac Pro 1.1 Sfott Yosemite beta Install woes

    Download Oemden's Yosemite Beta and created a Sffot install on a 16 gig USB. Every time I try to boot from the USB on my Mac pro 1.1 it freezes on the black apple boot screen with text at the top which seems to imply a kernal panic. I must confess I am not terribly technically proficient...
  6. 18tyhurt

    Help with 1,1 yosemite

    hello. Im trying to get Yosemite on my Mac Pro 1,1. I have a 64gb fd and the app file. I've tried sfott many times and continues to fail me. What else could I do? Could some one please possible clone their Yosemite drive and send the file too me or something ?
  7. Z

    2006 iMac need Mountain Lion

    Hello, My wife uses two 24" iMacs, a 2008 and a white 2006 6.1 (this one is the love of her life). She needs to install a program (Pixellu Smart Albums 2) which requires OSX 10.8 or later, unfortunately, the white iMac only supports 10.7. I tried using the SFOTT option to upgrade, and I...