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  1. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) 4K 60FPS is Equivalent to How Many MegaPixels on iPhone?

    Hello, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot but they cancelled on me last minute and now I have some lighting equipment and my iPhone 7+ instead of their pro camera gear. Nevertheless I need to take a couple of portrait type photos of myself and figured my iPhone 7+ is more than capable...
  2. D

    Universal BASKETBALL STREET HERO {Fun& Addictive}

    Hi Guys, Download our new ‪‎Basketball ‪Street ‪Hero ‪‎Game and enjoy the effective street ‪court on ‪‎ios‬ Device. Grab This Awesome Game Before It Goes Paid.. Ready for Basketball street tour! Basketball Street Hero- This is the real basketball street game with an addictive game-play along...