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sims 4

  1. E

    What specs should i get for the 16” MacBook Pro? (I know this has been asked a lot)

    I’m looking to buy the 16 inch pro and I’m not sure what specs to get (other than i know I’m getting the i7 processor) because I know absolutely nothing about computers. I currently have the 2015 12” MacBook and I use photoshop and illustrator a ton for designs for my etsy shop. My 2015 MacBook...
  2. bonjourx

    Resolved HELP please! MacBook Pro Non touch bar for sims 4?

    Hi!! I'm downloading the sims 4 right now from origin, I tried looking up if others that have MacBook Pro non touch bar base model have tried to play sims on their laptop, but I couldn't find any related post. I know my laptop is not really ideal for gaming, but My question is, would it be safe...
  3. norahfields

    Switching from Mac to PC? Please help.

    I have no issue with wanting to use programs Mac doesn't support - i basically just use Sims, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and such. Problem is it runs them too slow! Playing Sims is a struggle and don't even get me started on high quality video editing in Final Cut Pro (i click something and it...