sms forwarding

  1. U

    iPhone Should Deleting SMS message from Mac not delete it from iPhone also

    I am using Text Message forwarding feature to view/ send SMS message from Mac. I am able to send SMS from Mac without any problem. But when I delete any SMS from Mac, it does not delete it from iPhone. Is it expected behaviour?
  2. thewhitehart

    How exactly does Messages in iCloud work in regards to SMS/MMS?

    There doesn't seem to be any consistency at all in syncing SMS/MMS between my devices. I have an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They all have Messages in iCloud activated. I assumed that "Text Message Forwarding" needed to be setup on my iPhone for SMS/MMS to sync between the devices. I had a problem...
  3. thewhitehart

    Forwarded SMS messages are split into two threads

    I have SMS messages forwarded from my iPhone to my iPad and Mac. I mainly message people in my contacts. My iPhone has a Japanese number, and all of my SMS messages are sent to Japanese numbers. On the iPhone, no matter who initiates the conversation, the messages are put in one thread under the...