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  1. mrgreeneyes

    Apple Watch SE, small smudge like mark on watch face.

    I have had my Apple Watch se for a few weeks, and I noticed it has a small smudge like mark on the watch face in the upper left part where the battery indicator it located, the smudge is not noticeable unless you are really looking for it, is it work trying to get it fixed? and is there a home...
  2. Vbmalek

    iPhone XR Screen Water Damage HELP!

    My phone got splashed with water 18hrs ago. The screen looks like this now. The screen has to transparent blue spots in the right side and it appears as grainy, smudged all over the upper screen. It is also dimmed and has a bright line at the bottom of the screen. Has this happened to you...
  3. K

    iPhone X damage dent smudge crack out of the box

    First thing I did after opening my iPhone was revise it, analize it. I always do that and place them directly in a case afterwards (look at the soft cloth I used for doing this) Here are the pictures, there's a small dent at the bottom (se how light bends?). And close to it, a smudge which you...
  4. Princess Cake

    Smudge/Burn mark behind screen

    Does anybody know what the heck this is or how to get rid of it? I've had it on my display for over a year and I can't put up with it anymore. Whatever it is it's underneath the glass. It might be hard to see in the photo but its almost like a charred area in the corner with a couple streaks...
  5. mkrizan4

    Weird "smudge" on my new iPhone 7

    Hi there! So I've noticed a "smudge" on my 2 weeks old iPhone 7, undamaged, unscratched or anything like that. I've tried to clean it with micro fiber cloth but it just doesn't come off.. I haven't tried any liquid cleaning or anything similar.. I'm just wondering what the hell happened here...
  6. C

    Need to clean dirty aluminium casing of iMac

    Somehow I have managed to get pen marks (a roller ink) on my iMac at work, on the aluminium. Not to mention grubby finger marks. Feeling I should clean it soon before anyone notices… What is safe to use to clean the aluminium casing (to at least get off the dirty finger marks and smudges) and...