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  1. honglong1976

    Watch OS 8 Speculation Thread!

    I had an Apple Watch since day one and always wanted sleep tracking. Apple finally introduced it and it's simplistic, to say the least. So my hopes for Watch OS 8 are: 1. Better sleep tracking 2. Ability to add cadence/speed sensors to be used with the workout app 3. Better watch faces What...
  2. smoking monkey

    Other iPhone 12 v 13 comparison value speculation

    As an XS Max owner I think I'm in the market for a new phone this year. My phone prior to the XSM was the 6S+. That is now used by the wife and it's still working fine, but she really wants a better camera and bigger storage. Last year I was all set to upgrade to the 12 pro max until I saw it...
  3. Dulcimer

    Other Let’s predict the next few years of iPhone releases

    This year and the next should be fairly easy considering current rumors. Anything beyond that is a wild guess to me, especially since potential AR glasses or some new unforeseen tech could shake things up. Let’s hear some creativity! 2020: LiDAR feature for better AR and maybe camera features...
  4. ipedro

    HomePod HomePod WWDC Speculation

    HomePod was introduced last year at WWDC and this year’s event is quickly approaching. Will HomePod leap ahead like the first AppleWatch did with watchOS 2.0 less than a year after its release? What new HomePod features realistically do you think will be announced at WWDC? (This is a...