1. Populus

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11” System Crash on landscape split creen (iOS 12)

    This bug is driving me nuts, because each time I need to use my iPad on the setup I usually have, the whole system crashes and all my apps are purged from RAM. This happens on an iPad Pro 11” from 2018, and this is the way to make it happen: Start a voice notes audio recording. Leave it on the...
  2. T

    Same app twice iPadPro

    Before buying an iPad Pro for school (I have an iMac 2016 model, so that's why I don't really need a MacBook of any sort), I just have a few questions. I have jailbroke all of my iOS devices, but not really explored all of it. Anyways, is there a jailbreak that allows the user to run the same...