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sports band

  1. honglong1976

    Black or white?

    What colour band does everyone prefer? What’s your go to colour? I always used to wear black, but I am really starting to like the white sports band. colour band does everyone prefer? What’s your go to colour? :)
  2. F

    Sports Band Slight Lateral Movement

    Hi there, I just bought a Series 6 from Apple (my first Apple Watch) and I'm very happy with its performance. I have just one slight worry. The longer of the two straps has some slight lateral movement when I wiggle it from side to side. The shorter band doesn't. I've only had the watch three...
  3. V

    Surfers beware of sports loop band coming loose

    Hi All, lost my series 4 apple watch with sports loop while surfing this week. Admit was heavy surf but it wasn't the first time I've felt the sports band come loose and found it handing on my wrist ready to come off. Also, seen some posts of swimmers have sports loop come loose. I love the...
  4. honglong1976

    sports band - hook and loop longevity?

    I finally purchased a sports band and it's great. My question is has anyone had one for quite a while. How does it hold up over time? Thanks for reading :)
  5. honglong1976

    did apple make sports bands with a steel pin?

    I had an SS S0 and black sports band with stainless steel pin but did they also make other ones. I found this person on eBay and all the bands appear genuine, reviews mention they are genuine but I never thought these were available with a stainless steel pin. Anyone with a genuine sports band...