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stolen iphone

  1. Ompopo

    iPhone stolen on different continent, how to change timezone in Apple Watch when home?

    So my father’s iPhone got stolen on his last day of vacation while in south America. At the time he was travelling to the city where the airport was located and there was no way to delay the flight/rebook. He now sent me a message from one of his stops on the trip home wondering how to change...
  2. BarredOwl

    Other An iPhone 14 Pro Max evaporated via UPS

    My tale of woe is surmised with: Someone within my local UPS delivery network stole a Deep Purple iPhone Pro Max 1TB. UPS has opened an “investigation.” Who else is still missing a promised launch day iPhone?
  3. S

    Stolen iPhone / how to ensure data is secure or erased?

    Whilst overseas i was victim of a bike snatch - it was impressively done and very fast. I quickly logged in on another device and enabled Lost Mode and then 12 hours later, Erase Device. The phone has a long passcode so i am pretty happy that it won't be easily brute forced. It's on the latest...
  4. M

    iPhone X IPhone X stolen while being shipped

    Hello all! Just wanted to share my story and maybe get some feed back, if any. I pre-ordered my iPhone X on the 27th from AT&T and had everything set for delivery on the 3rd. That made me pretty happy until the 3rd came and no iPhone. I quickly called AT&T and they said my phone was delayed...
  5. L

    Person who found my stolen iPhone contacted me?

    My iPhone was stolen from me around two years ago and all of the sudden yesterday I get a notification on WhatsApp from a man saying that they have my phone and that they want me to delete my ICloud account or give them the information for it so they could use my phone. They keep contacting...
  6. edwardsray

    Activation screen bypass

    hello people i have an iPad 2 i bought from someone and all was find and i did a reset and not its stuck at the activation screen. i can't reach the guy i bought it from since i was traveling.Any help to bypass the activation screen. Its on IOS 7.1.2 right now.Please help