stuttering graphics

  1. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max Performance Issues

    Been having problems especially when playing games. I noticed display stuttering/fps drop when playing games. At first, I thought it could be an app optimisation issue but it seems to happen to all games. I thought it was an iOS issue but doesn't seemed to be at all. Is anyone else suffering...
  2. E

    macOS Mojave stuttering graphics

    I'm running Mojave on a 2018 13" MacBook Pro (2.3GHz i5/16GB) and there's a frequent graphics issue where the whole system stalls every few seconds. Even under low/no load, if I move the cursor around it'll freeze and then jump to another spot ever two or three seconds. If a video's playing...
  3. caspian915

    iPhone 6s Plus slowing down/becoming janky a few weeks in with iOS 11

    Hey all - Anyone else experience this? I have an iPhone 6s Plus and I updated to iOS 11 maybe a week or so after it came out. It's been fine for most of the time since, but just in the last day or so everything has started to act slow and janky--the graphics motion, the response to pausing a...