1. AntonioGia5

    iPhone AceIT a Tennis Tracker

    Hello everyone, my name is Antonio Giaquinto. I am part of a team, NoFearForBeer (Alessio Carusio, Antonio Mone, RicardoVargas Del Frari, Sarah Leight Meijers, Simone Fiorentino), of developers at the Apple Developer Academy. We developed an app for iPhone and Apple Watch that can be used from...
  2. A

    Apps I made a free tennis scorekeeper app for Apple Watch Hope you find it useful!
  3. R

    Universal Bang Bang Tennis

    Bang Bang Tennis is now on the app store iTunes Link: Get ready for some Bang Bang Tennis! Take on the world’s best and become the Bang Bang Grand Champion in this fast paced Bash and Smash Tennis game 4 Game Modes...
  4. S

    Apps Swing™ Tennis for Apple Watch

    Swing™ Has Arrived! Free for iOS: 2 years in development by computer scientists, statisticians, and tennis enthusiasts from Berkeley, Stanford, and Columbia, Swing™ is a paradigm shift in recreational tennis and a revolution in health and fitness. (Yes, we started...