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  1. J

    Not sure if anyone knows, but is there a way to share the screen via bluetooth? Using the wifi to share the screen I cannot use internet

    I recently got a projector, to which I can share my screen from my iPhone via wifi. However, using the wifi to share the screen I cannot access internet.. so the the purpose is basically pointless! I can use the mobile data and that way use the internet while screen sharing, but I have limited...
  2. nickwlker

    Photos.app is not syncing when using hotspot. How to treat hotspot as a regular Wi-Fi on macOS?

    Recently I started use hotspot as my home internet. I have unlimited data and high speeds 160/40 Mbps. Everything works well except Photos.app. It just doesn't sync even a single photo. I contacted Apple support, but it's just a big facepalm. They asked me to test this problem with other...
  3. J

    Why can't the 2018 iPad Pro use the iPhone's wired tethering?

    forgive me if this has been answered. I've always found using the wired (over the USB cable) tethering on iPhone to be most reliable on my Mac. So I was disappointed when I realized that it won't work on the new iPad Pro if you go Lightning ---> USB-C. Is that connection only one way? For...
  4. ulyssesric

    iPhone USB tethering won't switch on/off automatically after iOS 12 ?

    Before upgrading to iOS 12 I can connect my iPhone 8 to my MacBook via USB, and the 4G/LTE tethering will automatically switched on. After updated to iOS 12, MacBook claimed that it needed a software update for USB tethering to work. I installed the software update, but it still not working...
  5. B

    Troubles Tethering with Ipad

    I connected my Macbook Pro to my Ipad's personal hotspot using wifi. It is clear that they are connected since the blue band appears on top of the screen. However I can't surf the web from my Macbook and every time I try to download a page, after a few minutes it says the connection timed out...
  6. D

    Carrier Verizon Unlimited - No throttle after 10 GB tether

    I purposefully used way over 10 GB of tether data to see if Verizon had in fact a "hard cap" on the mobile hotspot. So far, I've used about 15GB of tethering and my speeds haven't slowed down a bit. Maybe they put that wording in just to deter people from using the hotspot as their home ISP?
  7. davidwellens

    iPhone bluetooth connection problems

    Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster, as they say. I decided to make an account because a lot of threads have helped me a great deal, or at the very least pointed me in the right direction. Now I can give back to the community, but I also have a question of my own :confused: One of...
  8. J

    I smashed my MacBook screen please help with a small problem!

    Hi guys, So basically, my MacBooks screen is smashed and I'm using it as a router to my ps4. So it picks up the wifi and then it's a wired Ethernet connection to my PlayStation 4. The problem is when I turn it on it connects to a different wifi that doesn't work properly. Is there a way to...
  9. T

    from Android to iPhone w/Verizon UDP

    Hi, everyone. I have a Samsung S5 on Verizon with Unlimited Data. I use FoxFi for tethering. I'm thinking of switching to an iPhone (paying retail for an SE so I can keep UDP). Does anyone know if I can use the hotspot on the iPhone to continue tethering for free? Or will I suddenly have to...
  10. D

    Laptop tethering - non-phone options?

    Hello, Is there a USB/Ethernet port device other than phone tethering that will allow a notebook to connect to a data plan? This would be used for business, I want to set up a separate data plan for use of their laptops on jobsites. Any help would be appreciated.