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time capsule 2

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  1. I

    Time Capsule disk into exFat

    Hi, i have a Apple Time Capsule with 3 TB hard drive. I want to backup my videos and movies to time capsule, but it hard drive in FAT32 and i can't store files larger than 4 GB. Сan i format it into exFat? Please help.
  2. K

    What is the quietest Time Capsule/Nas drive ?

    Need to buy a wireless back up system ( I get to carried away ) as well as manually backing up when I’m not so carried away . Was heading for the new time capsule but just read they’re quite noisy . I write record in the same room (big) but don’t want any added noise . Are any of yu using a NAS...
  3. C

    Another Time Capsule Grinding to an Early Death

    Title says it all. After three years, my Time Capsule is making awful grinding sounds. In doing some searching it would seem the TC has a checkered history and does not really live up to Apple's normal standards, plus they have stopped developing the product. So it seems reasonable to expect...
  4. Frznrth9

    Could I use 2 Time Capsules just to be safe?

    Hi I have an old Imac that is has a hard drive full of pics and videos. I'm planning on getting a MacBook and will move them over but want to be able to have a very secure backup of these files. I'm also thinking that I'll run out of space on the MacBook shortly. I have them all backed up...