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  1. Buadhai

    Mail TLS Woes

    This on a 2010 MacBook running High Sierra, a 2015 MBA running Monterey, a couple of iPad 6s running17.0.2 and a iPhone 14 Pro also on 17.0.2. I have a web hosting account with Host Gator on which I have set up two different e-mail accounts with different domains. I use one email account and my...
  2. Z

    Viewing TLS 1.3 Websites in Leopard WebKit / Safari 11.0.4 (The Easy Way)

    This is not project-related; I just wanted to quickly share a recent discovery that might not have been apparent to most, and certainly never was to me: If you copy / paste the below link at the start of a URL (such as a Wikipedia link, or a random article about bicycles), it will automatically...
  3. V

    macOS Are apps required to use the network framework?

    Apple uses the network framework for everything related to networking including http and TLS: . I guess everything which comes with the OS itself makes use of it. But does this apply to third party apps too? On other operating system like Windows...
  4. bbbc

    DNS over TLS (DoT) client for Mavericks?

    Any of you know of a DNS over TLS (DoT) client for Mavericks? Hoping to configure NextDNS on someone's machine that can't do it via their router. The official NextDNS client on the MAS is for 10.11 - . This solution was only for macOS Sierra...
  5. X

    reconnecting old browsers/lightweight browsing

    Not coming here often, though I just felt like sharing some of my experience about the new further deprecation of TLS 1.1 and below that many significant websites adopted. Given how much attention has been paid to OS X for PowerMacs since 2010, it doesn't make that much of a difference on...
  6. J

    TLS/SSL Proxy Option

    I am trying to enable TLS proxy on my network settings. I cannot find it in the advanced options. Its not on the list of proxies. How can I fix this?