1. C

    iPhone Anygood for iOS - A gesture-based to-do app for consumables with curated collections

    Hey there👋🏼 We’ve recently published our v1.2 on the App Store. Thought it'd be nice to share it here and get some valuable feedback. Anygood ( is in its essence a gesture-based to-do app for you to quickly type down and keep track of all your consumable needs; hence why you'll be...
  2. J

    iPhone Favorite Todo app

    Hey, What's your favorite Todo App ?
  3. Chrjy

    Notesero - Reminder & Notes Sharing With Friends & Family

    Hey guys, We're very close to releasing the public beta for our Notesero app. You can find out more on the website but suffice to say that Notesero adds a twist to your usual reminders or todo app. Our current insider beta testers have given great feedback so we're excited to announce it's...
  4. bobesch

    Cloud- and Sync-Options for PPC

    Cloud- and Sync-Options for PPC I'd like to start a discussion about the Cloud- and Sync-options for PPC's with Tiger/Leopard - especially when it comes to synching with an iPhone-(App) running the latest iOS and the option to collaborate with PPC-Macs(Tiger/Leopard), intel-Macs(Lion)...