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trackpad 2 force touch

  1. P

    Problem with the Click of trackpad of Macbook pro 2015 13' early 2015

    Hello everyone I hope to find more information in this forum: D I present the problem Macbook pro early 2015 13'' , I take a hit, after a few minutes turn off the screen and no longer starts. the backlight worked, and even the mac itself (connected in hdmi with another screen worked perfectly)...
  2. G

    Trackpad 2 great but connecting a pain

    Hi, extremely happy about by Trackpad 2 but connecting to my MBP 2015 with Mojave is a very unreliable. I have to go through several hoops with the BT and trackpad settings before it connects. Anyone any hints ? BTW On my HP Probook h....tosh with El Capitan it connects instantly...
  3. DaveWotzit

    Trackpad 2 force touch any use?

    Hi, I reading the description for the Apple Trackpad 2 and one of the first things mentioned was force touch: "Magic Trackpad 2 includes a built-in battery and brings Force Touch to the desktop for the first time." How much use is this on a iMac? Does El Cap even support it or do we have...