1. Yason

    Animation: Trump and Putin diner

    After a stop motion animation course I followed I had this idea for a small clip about Trump and Putin. Imagine they would have a diner, what would happen? Because with the cut-out (collage) animation technique I learned it is possible to use pictures of real life people and events and so I...
  2. Gamezoa

    [New Game] Getting over it - Mountain climbing is actually quite inhibited.

    Are you a climber, and will be more fun climbing with just a hammer. You will feel quite inhibited with the cliffs hard to pass. You will have to make sure that you pass and reach the highest level. With only a slight deflection, the hammer loses its fulcrum, you can fall down very deeply and...
  3. Fake Trump Tweet

    iPhone Fake Trump Tweets iOS App

    Create the funniest Fake Trump Tweets this side of Mars and enjoy our biggest Toddler Trump update that allows you to tweet like a kid using the notorious crayon font. iTunes Link Fake Trump Tweets: iTunes Link Fake...
  4. H

    iPhone Trump Flappy - Become a best Trump

    Trump Flappy, a 2017 version of a hot game in the past, now come back. This is one of most difficult game in the world. Don't throw your phone if you can't get high score. Download: The pipe what you need to fly over, are the...
  5. kasirus

    Universal Solitaire+™ FREE

    :apple:Download; Android; Welcome to "Solitaire+™ FREE"!! "Solitaire+™ FREE" is a classic Solitaire game with Windows style. If you like...
  6. kasirus

    Universal Solitaire+™

    :apple:Download; Android; Description Welcome to Solitaire+™!! Solitaire+™ is a mobile version of most popular card game known as klondike. The popular...
  7. kasirus

    Universal Trump Jump™

    :apple:Download; Easy, Simple but Addictive! Tap and keep trump moving forward. Good luck! :apple:Download;
  8. trumptrackerapp

    Universal Trump Tracker - A tremendous #1 best selling app

    See how close Trump is to winning the nomination with this #1 best selling state of the art sophisticated app, the best app ever made. Voted the #1 best designed app of all time.