ultrafine 5k

  1. dfee

    Dual 5k monitor (performance)

    I have a 16” MBP with 32 GB of memory. It’s currently attached to a 5k display, but am considering throwing another 5k monitor at it. I write software, and often tax my machine (think: compiling), but overall one 5k monitor seems to have no performance impact. I’d I add this second monitor...
  2. Y

    LG 5K Ultrafine + Humanscale M2.1 (not working!)

    Hi there, Hoping someone can help me :) I’ve installed a new LG 5K on a brand new humanscale M2.1 arm. I've been able to adjust the tension so up and down is working fine, but the monitor seems waay too heavy on its right hand side, it won’t stay straight at all unless I hold it. Tried the hex...
  3. M

    LG Ultrafine 5K Backlight Partially Out

    I have an LG 5k Ultrafine (27MD5KA-B) that has a pretty strange issue. Sometimes and frequently when I plug it in, parts of the screen's backlight won't work. I sent this in to LG whenever it was in warranty, they weren't able to reproduce, so they weren't able to fix it. I'm kinda confused on...
  4. M

    Thunderbolt 3 Splitter?

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I've been trying to accomplish. I have a 16" MacBook Pro and the LG UltraFine 5K monitor which only allows Thunderbolt 3 for it to work with the Mac. This is fine, though the Mac needs 96 Watts and the monitor over Thunderbolt 3 only...
  5. J

    Is the LG UltraFine 5K flicker-free?

    The 4K version is not flicker-free (https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/lg/ultrafine-4k) but I can't find any reviews about the 5K version.
  6. C

    LG 5K UltraFine, 27MD5KL-B — uniformity/uneven brightness?

    Hello, recently bought LG 5K UltraFine, 27MD5KL-B. Under certain conditions and viewing angle, it appears there is slight difference in the brightness; from what I can tell, the issue is visible on white background, where part of the right side of the screen seems as it transitions to slightly...
  7. Internet Enzyme

    Displays which fade in on screen wake

    I have an external monitor for my iMac. I am looking for a new one. The way that this display wakes over displayport is incredibly obnoxious. I'll walk up to my iMac, hit a key to wake the screen up, and by the time my Watch has unlocked my computer, the external display has just gotten its...
  8. lateshift

    LG 5K Flickering in corner / MBP 2018

    Hi all, anyone else got a flickering problem in a single spot (on my display it's a a third of the right bottom) on the LG 5K with the current MBP 15" (i currently can't check if it's the display or the Macbook, no other Thunderbolt 3 Devices in the household :mad:). Thanks & Cheers, Lateshift
  9. A

    Dual UltraFine 4k monitors one cable solution?

    Hey! Anyone with two UltraFine 4k monitors who has been able to connect them to the MBP using only one cable? Either with a dock/hub or some hack. I have search the entire internet but wasn't able to find anything unfortunately. Any answer/help will be appreciated, cheers! :)
  10. Michael J

    iPad Pro Oct 2018 with External Monitor Support

    Didn't see a post about this, so starting one. I'm wondering if I can use the USB-C port to connect to my LG Ultrafine 5K monitor. If so, I'm wondering what resolution it will be. Same as iPad? Or native to the Ultrafine. If so, will it also charge the iPad at the same time (logically, it...
  11. EddieK420

    Classic Mac Pro 4,1 -> 5,1 driving Ultrafine 5K full resolution.

    I was able to get my classic Mac Pro to drive the LG Ultrafine 5K at full 5K resolution retina mode enabled. I used an Gigabyte Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 card inside my Mac Pro. 2 DP cables go from my Nvidia GTX 1080Ti to the Alpine Ridge then the Thunderbolt 3 cable goes from the Alpine Ridge...
  12. A

    MacBook Pro 2018 i9, 32GB RAM and LG Ultrafine 5k

    Hello I own a MacBookPro 2018 i9 (highest frequency), 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Since I am a wedding photographer I work with Lightroom CC (current version). And beside of the open MacBook Pro Screen I am using the EIZO 27" 2550px x xxxpx. Currently I see Mac fan is blowing on a high frequency when...