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  1. H

    Could this be an Untethered iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak?

    Does anyone have a spare iPhone they don't care about that they are willing to test this? This just got released today and I need to know if this is real or not. Edit: Just realised its fake. I got excited when I first saw it, but browsing his videos says otherwise.
  2. seitsme

    Q&A Tethered vs untethered

    hello, I frequently see the terms tethered and untethered on jailbreak websites. I will try to jailbreak my iphone4 ios 7x to ios 8x and not sure what these terms mean and do to the phone. thanks
  3. N

    General Re-Jailbreaking the yalu102 jailbreak without a computer, past the 7 day limit

    You will still need to do your first jailbreak with Cydia Impactor, this part of the jailbreaking process still requires a computer. Ext3nder, enough said.