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usb charger

  1. J

    2018 MBA: Fast(er) Charging Available?

    Hi Everyone, I believe that the 2018 MBA comes with a 30 watt USB-C charger. If you were to use a 45 watt, 60 watt, or 87 watt USB-C charger, would the 2018 MBA charge any faster? Or is the 2018 MacBook Air physically limited to charging at a max of 30 watts?
  2. D

    Magsafe and USB C charger

    Has anyone used a magsafe to USB c adapter? I have a few of the magsafe 2 chargers, and recently got a 13" MacBook pro at work, and now of course my old chargers that worked for the air don't work for this. If possible I'd like to avoid spending another ~$60 for a USB c wall charger and a USB c...
  3. fountaineer

    aluratek 3.1 amp wall charging plate

    I have the iPhone 5se and was wondering if its safe to use a 3.1amp usb charger. short and long term. It's the aluratek AUWCS02FR I don't mind if it doesn't use...