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usb mic

  1. dawindmg08

    Headphone output for USB mic (to avoid echo)?

    Hi all, I occasionally help my wife record VO demos and jobs in our home and I'm looking for advice on a particular bit of gear: I use a USB mic and Adobe Audition to record the VO. The mic is pretty good but it doesn't have it's own headphone jack; when I patch the output from Audition...
  2. LaurynnElise

    How to Remove audio output/input device

    I'm trying to use a Blue Yeti USB mic and record in Logic. I was using it no problem for a few weeks and then it stopped sending signal to the computer. I had a bit of luck restarting Logic and/or the Mac, but that's no longer working. I plugged in my old Blue Snowball and it worked fine. My...