vertical line

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    Vertical lines on IPhone SE screen

    Hello all! This is my first thread here, and I came to this forum to seek help. First of all, I apologize for any grammatical errors, unfortunately English is not my native language, but I'll try to describe my problem as best as I could. So, the story: Yesterday, I dropped my IPhone SE...
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    Red vertical line halfway - 27" mid2010 iMac

    Hi, Has anybody experienced anything similar? The line appeared not too long ago - doesn’t go all the way like in other cases I have seen. Red, quite thin just above halfway up - most visible on dark backgrounds, less so on others. pics here: Mid 2010 A1312 (EMC...
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    Vertical Colour Line appeared in MBP2013

    Hi, anyone has same problem as mine. there is a vertical line in my MPB2013 screen. it is not consistently there but randomly appeared. I tried SMC/PRAM the mac, the problem is still here. Is it a graphic card issue or LCD issue or some kind of hardware/software/firmware issue?