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  1. Z

    iPad opening the flip case, wont answer the call

    I have a SmartCaseFlipCover for my iPad and heres what ive noticed that did seem strange (or not). When someone calls me in Viber (or Skype, or Whatsup etc.) and the case is closed but an app is left open, when i open the case, it will direct me to the Viber app thats calling me. Only if no app...
  2. Z

    Enlarging fonts in Viber desktop app

    Is it possible to enlarge the fonts of the Viber desktop app?
  3. Z

    iPad Is footage in Viber saved to iCloud?

    What happens to footage (Photos or Videos) thats sent to me via Viber? Are they also stored to iCloud, or do i need to save them first to the iPad, so they can be stored in Photos and then to be transferred to iCloud?
  4. Z

    Reseting applications

    Is there a way to reset an application that I'm using on ElCapitan? For some Adobe apps i know that they can be reset by pressing some keys while their startup... might there be something similar with other applications?
  5. Z

    closes when it opens

    What do i do when an app (Viber) will close instantly right after i click on it to open?
  6. Z

    Viber for Yosemite

    The latest Viber app will not work for Yosemite, i will work for 10.11 and later OS's... anyone have a clue where i can find the Viber version that will work on Yosemite? :(
  7. M

    Viber font text issue

    Hi guys, Today, I started to get some strange font issues just in Viber. Not sure if its font related, Anyone had problems with this before?
  8. Z

    marketing campaigns using Viber

    What apps are used to create marketing campaigns that will be sent using Viber?
  9. U

    Viber on Iphone - Deletion of a message, will it still be visible for the receiver on his lockscreen

    Hello, I have a question about deleting a message. Basically I deleted a message in a VIBER chat with someone using an Iphone. However, I know that this person uses the Iphone’s feature ‘preview notifications’ on Lock screen where he can actually read the whole message without opening Viber...
  10. M

    Viber do not work in the background - iOS 10.3.2, help!

    Hi guys, I use Viber app on my Iphone 6 plus very much often, but suddenly a week or 10ish days ago I started to have a huge probem ( I suppose since I have installed iOS 10.3.2 ) My Viber app do not work in the background at all! That means , I can use Viber only, but only if I open the...
  11. Z

    no Viber for the Mac

    Isn't there a Viber app for the mac on the AppStore? I think i can only find it on other sites... is it safe and how come it isn't on the AppStore?
  12. Z

    Viber to email

    From an iPhone, is it possible to send files directly from Viber to my email account?
  13. Djilkosh

    Viber delayed notifications

    I was android user and have never had this problem with viber and delayed notifications. Sometimes only when I get into app, I see that I got missed call or messages, so it can be over 30 mins when i enter again in app. Sometimes it is when i get email, then i get viber messages. Whatsapp...
  14. B

    Resize unresizable windows

    I want to make Viber window smaller as it occupies a lot of space on desktop. Unfortunately, the minimal limit is too big for me and I want to override it. Is there any way to change this default minimal window size? Could I use XCode for that? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!
  15. chris7ine

    Viber history problems

    Last week I chatted with a friend of mine, using my iPhone. After that I noticed that on my Mac all of the messages that he had written had disappeared, leaving only the texts I had sent. It looked really weird, like I've been talking to myself all the time. Today, I used Viber on my Mac for a...
  16. cavi

    Viber account in Messages app

    hello everyone, there is any possibility to add Viber account to OSX's native messages application? I don't want to install Viber's OS X application because I prefer to use one application. thanks!
  17. jojoneedstechadvice

    Viber: on another call

    My bf says his wifi is not very good, and randomly we will get disconnected suddenly on VIBER, but it says "on another call" while it says connection is poor. Is it possible VIBER says on another call when the wifi is bad? Or is he actually on another call?