1. P

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Taptic Engine when receiving notifications vs older iPhones

    I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, upgraded from the 11 Pro Max. On my previous iPhone, I never had any issue when it comes to vibration feedback when receiving notifications, phone calls, etc. I always have my phone on silent mode, and I find myself thinking I received no notifications only to have...
  2. E

    Pixel walk and yellow tint on 2019 MacBook Pro

    Do you feel a visual problem that little vibrations/flickering on some pixels of screen. Not always same area but somewhere of screen and like these pixels refresh rate different from others for miliseconds and return to normal (especially the peripheral visual zone, around the point your eyes...
  3. J

    iPhone Location based reminder alarm with vibration and message

    I'm looking for an iOS app that would do the following: I realize I need to buy something, let's say a screwdriver. But it's not urgent. What I want is to be reminded of this when I'm walking near the screwdriver shop. However, it's always very crowded and noisy at that location. There are many...
  4. Z

    Vibration only at ringing

    Is it possible to have vibration only when the phone is ringing from a call and not when messages arrive, or any other kind of notifications? The reason i wish to stop the vibrating is to reduce power consumption.
  5. L

    Apple watch notification vibration pattern issue

    Hey everyone, so I'm having a problem with my Apple watch series 1 vibration everytime I get a notification. For sake of example, I'm gunna use the letter V to simulate the vibration pattern. Normally, when I get a notification, the vibration would go, "vvvvv vv vv" so one long vibration and...
  6. Squillace

    iPhone 7 taptic feedback intensity with 3D Touch on app icons

    Hi, So a few days ago I was playing around with my iPhone 7 Plus and I "think" I noticed some kind of interface effect I didn't notice or heard about before. Let me explain: when you press an app icon on SpringBoard to bring up the 3D Touch options, there's this little taptic feedback. Nothing...
  7. R

    iPhone 6S+ clicking after vibrating

    Hello, forum My brother dropped his iPhone 6S+ from a very low height. No physical external damage but the vibration and taptic feedback has been acting up ever since. When receiving a call, a loud click sound is heard after every vibration (sort of like the force touch click sound). Same for...
  8. TheTom9

    Taptic Engine noisy on 6s plus

    i remember the time I got my iPhone last month and how I was amazed by the sound the vibration made - it was quieter the then 6 yet stronger, I liked it. Then one silent night my phone was vibrating and it was just awfully loud, can't explain how loud, it's just ridiculous, like there's...